Behavior problems, bathroom messes and Currently!

Boy, oh boy...what a week! I have had some really crazy behavior issues this week. And on top of all that someone has decided it's better to pee-pee on the floor instead of the toilet. Why do boys do this??? This is not the first time this has happened in my years of teaching, but this time I think I've figured out who is doing it. Ugggh, just gross!

I decided to change up my behavior system today. I gave them all five counters and they can put them in the "good choices" bucket for doing the right thing or the "bad choices" bucket for no-so-good things. Then at the end of the day, I pulled 5 counters out of the good choice bucket for a trip to the treasure box. Wow! Big improvement today, thank goodness. We only have 13 days of school so hopefully this will motivate them until the end!

Now on to currently! I am three days late, as usual!

Currently, I am loving the Braves, they are rocking it this season!

But the most important thing on my Currently is.....we found out who my kids (my own personal kiddos) will have for teachers next year. In their school, they do "Step Up Day". They kids out who their new teacher will be and then next week, they will go visit their new class. I am so super excited, BOTH are going to be excellent. I am extremely pleased!

So happy it's Friday! Sleeping late tomorrow!

I case you haven't up with Farly.Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!


  1. I feel your pain about the bathroom problems. I've had that problem lately, too. Except this one is just peeing all over the seat. The girls and the boys are SUPER annoyed with the culprit. I'm hoping it will stop soon!
    Congrats on the great teachers. Our school used to do that too, and I loved finding out who my new kids were before the next school year. Unfortunately, our principal stopped doing this a few years ago. Boo!
    Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow!

  2. How nice to find out ahead of time:) I would be happy just to see where everyone is being placed!

    I am so jealous of your 13 days. We have 22, but who's counting?

    The Resourceful Apple


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