Five For Friday! April 26th

Well this is my first Five For Friday...I felt like I took some good pictures this week and have a few things to share!

#1:  We've been studying the Ocean this week. I have been using Deanna Jump's Ocean Unit. Love this...lots of cute ideas. My friends especially loved the pocket chart activity.

Ocean Animals Math and Literacy Fun

#2: I changed out my Dramatic Play area to be a Mexican Restaurant. I love, love, love Vanessa's Pre-k Pages Dramatic Play Centers. I have bought ALL of them. She makes it so easy to change out the center and keep it interesting, yet educational for students. She has a ton of other cute ideas!

Here's some pics of how it turned out: (I bought some cute things from Party City to go with it!)

#3: The coolest thing I made this week I saw on a Pinterest board. I wish I could remember where so I could give credit. If you've seen it, let me know and I'll be happy to give credit. It's a great little template to use with your hundreds chart. It helps students with identifying numbers that come before or after a number. I love this idea, so I made a little template freebie for you!

You can get the freebie here!

#4: Friday was a really long day, we had our school's Spring Fling tonight. I had the Sand Art table, fun night for the kids and all proceeds raised go to a really good local charity.

#5: Personally, another reason I'm glad it's Friday is the hubby has been out of town all week and we're going to be happy to have him home!

This weekend I am working on getting ready for our Farm Unit next week!  I hope to get some cute pics to post. Hope you have a productive and fun weekend too!

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  1. Love the freebie! We just did a lesson on this. Definitely going to have to remember for next year or put in a math tub. Thanks for sharing!

    For the Love of First Grade


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