Finally a post!

Where did I go? I am finally getting around to a post, with Spring Break a few weeks ago and a little illness, time has just been slipping by! So I am finally getting around to posting. We have been having fun in my room learning about Earth Day. Need to post pictures of our cute bulletin board. This week we are going to the Atlanta Aquarium and learning about Ocean animals. I can't wait, kids just love this theme.

Here are two great units I bought on tpt to help with Earth Day and Ocean units.

Earth Day Literacy and Math Centers so cute and she has a writing center to go with it:

Earth Day Writing Center

Earth Day! Literacy and Math Centers         Earth Day! Writing Center

This Ocean unit is super adorable!

Ocean Unit Centers Activities and Games

Ocean Unit {Centers, Activities and Games}

The other thing I am busy with this week, is helping out with testing incentives for my daughter's class. I don't do standardized testing with my class but my Fourth Grader will be taking CRCT this week in her school. So I am going to make some little incentives with treats for her class. I found two GREAT freebies on tpt for this.

Now I just have to decide which ones to do and go get the treats!

Sweet Testing Notes

Motivational Testing Notes

Motivational Testing Notes

Now those are so super cute........I bet lots of people are snapping these up.

I only have 23 more days of about you?


  1. I totally love the testing encouragement. It is such a stressful time of year. Hope Kendall is handling it with stride:)

    The Resourceful Apple

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  3. Thanks Tammy, she really doesn't stress about it, maybe that should worry me more!


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