Last Friday we celebrated Dr. Suess' Birthday (didn't everyone?) Anyway, I found the best Dr. Suess Literacy Unit. If you want to get a jump on next have to check it out. Cute graphics and some fun center activities for the day.

Literacy Activities for Read Across America Seuss Birthday

My March bulletin board is "In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb" and I found this super cute unit to help me out. 


In the unit she suggested a book, I didn't have so I picked it up on Amazon. What a neat story, my friends really liked it. Plus it rhymes (I love books that rhyme!).

Product Details

We are graphing the lion days and lamb days this month.....we are really having a lion day today! Windy, to say the least. I am so ready for some lamb days!

And last but not least, we are doing life cycles this week. So I made some life cycle sequencing cards to go in the pocket chart or taped on chart paper. I love how they turned out:

eek! My pictures turned out blurry....but it looks better in person.....

I can't believe its March already! I really am glad February is over, we did my Random Acts of Kindness calendar every day in February and I was a bit overly ambitious when I created it! We did have fun with our projects. We collected items for the local SPCA, made cards for the Children's Home, took cookies and donuts to the Suwanee Firefighters and Policemen. Our last project is collecting items for a care package to a soldier serving in Afghanistan. Fun, rewarding, but glad we are done!

Now on to Currently........
Link up with Farley too!

Listening: The washing machine! My husband started the laundry this morning for me!

Loving: My new old SUV was giving me huge problems, we decided to get rid of it while we could. So I got a new Ford Explorer, in red! Love the color the best....its sort of FSU garnet for me and GA Bulldogs red for hubby. We support each other's teams:)

Thinking: About not getting sick, I started coughing last night. Maybe it was sitting out in 30 degree weather to watch my son play his opening day baseball game. Those poor boys were freezing! It started snowing, just a few flurries. For Atlanta a few flurries are exciting! (especially when you grew up in Florida)

Wanting: A new computer, this one is running so slow. But its not in the budget right now!

Needing: What I always need to do...lesson plans! I am doing Butterfly Life Cycle next week and am working on a new unit. Now it's crunch time and I need to finish it.

Like and Love: Donuts and Diet husband read that donuts are going to be "the new cupcake". Fine with me! I love family goes to Dunkin' Donuts to get ice cream, I get a donut. Diet Coke, can't live without just one a day, at lunch. Hate: deception.

Hope everyone has a nice Spring Break, we don't break until the second week of April! So I am not even thinking about it yet, I just need to get it out of my head......

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