February Currently...late!

Finally had time to do my currently and started too late last night to finish...so here it goes....

Listening: 2 Broke Girls, this show is seriously funny. Pretty raunchy, but funny!
Loving: My car broke down yesterday and a great friend came and picked us up, my family has been going through some stress and my friends have really been supportive!
Thinking: Sending good thoughts and prayers to my husband who has a big week this week.
Wanting: More time! Doesn't everyone??
Needing: I really need to get to work early tomorrow, we started off this Monday morning with my son coming saying "Are you guys going to get up?" Needless to say, we were all very late. So my centers did not get laminated this morning and everything got behind all day. So tomorrow must be different!
Pet Peeves: More than anything I can't be around someone with a ton of perfume on, gives me a migraine. The other thing that drives me crazy is gum chewing, especially clicking and cracking gum....so rude! My last pet peeve is people who give TMI, too much information! Some things are better left unsaid! 

Now on to blog hop and read other Currently's. 

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