Kindergarten Comprehension

Now that my kinders are really mastering their sight words, They need to work on comprehension skills when they are working at their literacy centers. I found this Kindergarten-Comprehension-TWO pack, from Rowdy In Room 300. This is a great set, I really need to also get the first one too! I can't wait to print and laminate this week and start using.....I almost had a heart attack this week. Someone broke our laminator at school, I was literally ready to walk in and use it for my pocket chart activities that week when she broke it. Thankfully, it was back in business the next day. I really need to just invest in one I can have at home to use. I have to add it to my wishlist.......

It's almost February! I need to start my planning.......Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, plus I am getting ready to do my Random Acts of Kindness in February. Another busy month ahead!


  1. Deanna, Go for the laminator:)You will be so glad you did:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. I love Rowdy in room 300 too! It makes me miss being a firsty teacher though! Have a great week.



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