A Freebie for the first day back from break!

You know how your friends come rushing in the first day back to tell you everything about their Winter Break? I love having my students share in front of the class but if they don't have guidelines, it can become oh-so boring. So I thought I'd put this out for their Morning Work and then they can share when we have our morning meeting. I posted it here for free!

3 Things I want to tell you....

On another exciting note, I won another giveaway! I won third place in Cynthia's Blogiversary Giveaway at a 2ndgradepad.  I think I am on a roll and need to enter some more giveaways. I am two-for-two lately!

Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad

Now I need to concentrate on lesson plans....ugghh!

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  1. Hi Deanna,
    This is such a great idea- my little friends definitely would love to share every little thing that happened over break with everybody, so this will be a nice way to give them the opportunity to share a few things!

    Learning to the Core


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