Now that my kinders are really mastering their sight words, They need to work on comprehension skills when they are working at their literacy centers. I found this Kindergarten-Comprehension-TWO pack, from Rowdy In Room 300. This is a great set, I really need to also get the first one too! I can't wait to print and laminate this week and start using.....I almost had a heart attack this week. Someone broke our laminator at school, I was literally ready to walk in and use it for my pocket chart activities that week when she broke it. Thankfully, it was back in business the next day. I really need to just invest in one I can have at home to use. I have to add it to my wishlist.......

It's almost February! I need to start my planning.......Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, plus I am getting ready to do my Random Acts of Kindness in February. Another busy month ahead!

Do you have favorite resources that you go back to every year? I do! No matter where I teach, or even what grade, I somehow use this book. I have had this book, How to Do Science Experiments with Children for so many years that I just found out they have a revised edition that I don't even have!

This book has tons of great, easy to-do science experiments and really breaks down the scientific process for younger students. I've used it when my class had to do an experiment for the school's Science Fair and it has helped out many of my fellow teachers! Let's just say, this book has gotten around!

So today, we did a cute experiment called "Spinning Teacher" The students have to predict how to make a paper teacher spin like a helicopter. First, we make our hypothesis and record our answers on a graph.

Each student also records their answers on a data sheet to work though the Scientific Process.

After, we make our predictions we tested out each way to see how to make the paper teacher spin.

They really had fun tossing their paper "teachers" up in the air to get her to spin around!

So if you need some good science experiment ideas before your school's Science Fair, you might want to look for this one.....

I have been working on this cute calendar for next month!

The second week of February is Random Acts of Kindness Day so I thought my class would work on "Showing Some Love" all month long. 

Do you want to work on Random Acts of Kindness with your class? You can pick up a freebie of my calendar!

I just downloaded this great freebie for sharing Martin Luther King Jr. with your students! Great ideas in this one!

MLK Freebie

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mini Unit

You know how your friends come rushing in the first day back to tell you everything about their Winter Break? I love having my students share in front of the class but if they don't have guidelines, it can become oh-so boring. So I thought I'd put this out for their Morning Work and then they can share when we have our morning meeting. I posted it here for free!

3 Things I want to tell you....

On another exciting note, I won another giveaway! I won third place in Cynthia's Blogiversary Giveaway at a 2ndgradepad.  I think I am on a roll and need to enter some more giveaways. I am two-for-two lately!

Welcome to 2nd Grade Pad

Now I need to concentrate on lesson plans....ugghh!
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