The Learning Curve

So being new to this I figured I had a few things to learn but WOW...did I make a few mistakes already. It's a really good idea to print off your unit and actually look at it before posting. I thought I had proofread my first unit, "Dozen Day" about thousand times before I posted it but then after printing I noticed several things I would have changed and a even a few mistakes.  I have learned a big lesson! I have been working on a new little unit to go with There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bell, my little friends love these old lady stories. I did the activities with the class today and will be posting tomorrow!


  1. Love your polkadots.I have red polkadots on my blog too. I think they looks so cheery. I have never printed off one of my products. Maybe I better. I thought I would catch all the mistakes on the screen. But you're probably right. It's good to be careful.

    The Hive

  2. Love the style of you blog, it makes me smile. I love polka dots :) Now about printing those products, yeah that is such a great idea. I believe that once you have the correct template and how you wanted to look, its an easy ride from there. Good luck! I am your newest follower. Cant wait to see new things from you!


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