Do you use Class Dojo? I really like how many new features they have added. I love the messaging (I know....parents can contact you and that can get a little out of hand sometimes!) I really loved Class Story! My parents have enjoyed seeing pictures of what we are doing during the school day. And I really try to emphasize the positive aspect of behavior and awarding points. When having to take points away from a student, I do it privately and I rarely show the whole class everyone's points. In keeping with the "positive" one of my favorite things to do is to have my class work toward whole class rewards. So before I reset points, I fill in our Dojo Meter. 
We usually decide on the reward we are working for. So before I reset points, every couple of weeks, I fill in the Dojo Meter with an Expo Marker. My class usually likes to work towards free choice time, game days, extra recess, movie day, or our favorite "device day". They love when they can bring in their devices from home!
You can get your Dojo Meter by clicking on the picture and it's a freebie! The best news is editable! If you want to change the point values you can make it a little easier for your class to earn rewards.

What are some of your favorite whole class rewards?

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Hey everyone! We just finished up fractions in my class and the next unit is measurement. In third grade we learn measurement to the quarter would think that since we just finished fractions that this wouldn't be so bad, right? just does not always transfer!

Anyway, I would love to share with you some awesome resources that I use to tackle this skill:

The first thing we do is use our paper rulers. I print out some on card stock, that way we can write the 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 inches right on the rulers. This helps greatly! Here are a few sites that have rulers you can print: here and here. And this one has the fractions already printed on the ruler which is super helpful for your struggling students: here

After we have measuring part down, then we practice with line plots. My students just loved this french fry measuring activity. You should give it a try! Click the pic to get yours:

The other skill we practice is measuring using broken rulers. This is when the students don't start measuring at the very beginning of the ruler, the object is put in the middle of the ruler. This can be very tricky, students need to learn to count the whole inches first then add in the fractions. I created this packet to help with this skill. It has a teaching poster, worksheet and task cards.
For Math Workshop, I update our centers to keep us practicing. These are some awesome freebies I found.
Also at my centers I have a technology station. Here are some fun activities you could add to your technology station for students to work on for measurement:

I hope these great activities help you plan your next unit on measuring! 

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Have you ever seen these cute little pouches of letters? My kids love them, you can get them at Walmart or Amazon, (here) I even saw them at my local grocery store. I have used these in third grade and just let my students make their own word puzzles, like crossword puzzles. I also love using them in the lower grades with these Fry Words puzzles that I've made. The best thing about these is, you make them once and can keep them out at a center for a long time. Kids never get tired of them!

 Love some more word work ideas? heck out the ideas on The Curriculum Corner!

Valentine's Day is so close! Are you ready?? I don't know about y'all but I like doing our Valentine bags in class. I like having them all look similar and I don't want to burden my families with having to make a box or a bag at home. But having said that, I like something easy that won't take us too long to make.

Dollar Store gift bags are great for this! I picked up bags (2 bags for a dollar) and some packs of their foam sticker hearts. All of these bags are made with the hearts only. I had to trim a few of the hearts for some of the pieces but students could easily do this. The only other supply we added was googly eyes. You could totally use construction paper eyes though.
Using just hearts, I made a dog and a fox.
I also made a butterfly and a cute little pig.
And finally a crab and a mouse.
The best part about these bags are the Name Tags! I laminate them and then attach using temporary double sided tape, then later students can take their names off and use them as bookmarks! I love being able to use things over again and not just throwing them away. 

You can make yours by downloading this freebie:

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Hope you feel loved and appreciated!

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Hey everyone! I hope you had a great New Year and are energized to finish out this school with a bang! 

At this point of the year, my readers are focusing on comprehension and getting ready for the types of questions they will have on that dreaded standardized test, The Georgia Milestones. One of my go-to websites has always been ReadWorks. They have great passages, on a variety levels with higher level questions....just what we need in Third Grade. Oh and did I mention, it's free!

But then, they stepped it up! The came out with ReadWorks Digital and ya'll this is so's amazing! Within 10 minutes, I cut and pasted my students names to create their log on. Chose some passages for them to choose from. I decided to have show my students this in class, then we went to our computer lab to complete their first passage. Each passage has 5 - 10 questions plus short response that they have to type. 

The best part is the data! Teachers love data, right? I can easily see who missed any questions and then read their short answer responses.

This makes it very easy for me to see who did well and then form small groups with my kiddos who had difficulty. Also I had one friend who is a high level reader, he missed 3, so I need to check in with him to see why.

There are so many ways a teacher can use this tool in her classroom, including assigning for homework. This is what I plan to do. 

Check it out!


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